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TNG Returning Adversaries Part 2

                                                       Commander Tomalak

                                                             The Enemy
                                                             The Defector
                                                             Future Imperfect
                                                            All Good Things

 Commander Tomalak is a Romulan with an air for deception. As a Romulan, he is trained to be suspicious of The Federation and goes out of his way to be secretive. In "The Enemy," he pretends he knows nothing about another fallen Romulan comrade left on the planet's surface, all the while the Romulan soldier is forming a bond with Geordi after Geordi is left on the planet surface as well due to a storm that disrupts communications and transporters. Tomalak and Picard go in a faceoff where The Enterprise must lower it's shields to beam up the missing men. Tomalak shows himself to be a fairly trustworthy opponent when he doesn't take that opportunity to fire phasers on the Enterprise.

In "The Defector," it is learned that Tomalak aided in feeding false information to a Romulan who they suspected of trying to stop the empire from engaging in a war that would be costly and one in which the empire would be sure to lose. The Romulan is actually an ambassador who defected on The Enterprise and ends up committing suicide after he learns about Tomalak's deception when the Enterprise is lured into the neutral zone and fired upon by one of Tomalak's ships.

Tomalak and Picard end up joining forces in investigating an anomaly at the Neutral Zone when Tomalak learns it isn't a command from Starfleet in the final episode of the series.


                                                         Episodes: I, Borg & Descent

Hugh began as any other member of the Borg collective, as a thoughtless automaton doing what the hive wanted--to assimilate other species for the purposes of becoming one big species with a mixture of biological and technological parts. Even after the crew give a weakened Borg, looking for an outlet on the walls in which to plug into his hive and be fed energy food, what he needed to survive, he thanks them by reminding them they will all be assimilated and that resistance is futile. When the crew decides to study him for research purposes, they manage to get him into thinking as an individual. Geordi give him the new name Hugh when telling the Borg "you" can pick any name "you" want. Since "you" sounds close to "Hugh," the name was given. "We are Hugh" says the Borg, still struggling with the concept of you rather than we. He is then sent back to his collective at the crash site where the crew discovered him. 

More than a year later, the hive in which Hugh was sent back, goes to pieces. They can't tell their asses from their elbows because each individual Borg is waking to a new conscience of telling all the other hive members to take a hike and/or do things his/her way. Data's evil twin Lore has found a new purpose for his existence; become lord and guardian to these hapless miscreants by telling them what to do and convincing them that those horrible humans that are jealous of him need to be destroyed because they are inferior. Only artificial life forms are worthy of existence. When the Enterprise crew goes looking for a missing Data they discover Hugh. He was one of the Borg that Lore found and tried to control. Hugh, being too smart for that and not wanting to become one of Lore's pet project experiments, escapes to the underground with other Borg not ready for prime time. Hugh is left in charge of the Borg colony when Lore gets captured and turned off by his twin Data, who nearly turned members of his own starship crew into brainless automatons because of Lore's influence.. 


 Lore is discovered in a hidden laboratory behind a rock face and disassembled on Omicron Theta, a planet abandoned and turned to barren rock after all life on it, including the colonists, was devoured by the Crystalline Entity. The android is reassembled on The Enterprise, with his twin Data looking on. That was the ship's first mistake, taking this android on board. They soon learn that he's got more than a few wires crossed and screws loose. He contacts the giant snowflake, telling it he's got some food for it after knocking his twin unconscious and taking his identity. Data is wakened up by an observant and astute Wesley Crusher and his doctor mom and manage to get the evil android off the ship before he does more damage--like feeding the entire Enterprise crew to the entity.

They encounter Lore again on a planet where his and Data's creator has been living since the colony on Omicron Theta was destroyed. Seems Dr. Soong had an escape plan before the thing got there. Soong has activated a homing device in Data's brain and it causes the commander to go on automatic pilot and single-handily send the ship there during a crisis (a subplot complication). After Data is awakened by Soong, they talk living among humans, purpose, and that sort of thing. Then walks in party crasher Lore, who was inadvertently sent there by the same homing device. Soong is surprised to see that Lore had been reactivated, but refuses to heed Data's warning not to awaken him. That was his fatal mistake. Lore sends the tired, sick old man hurling across the room after putting Data to sleep and then escapes with an emotion chip embedded in his circuitry that was intended for Data.

In "Descent," we meet Lore as the guardian and master over the reject Borg colonists. He's influencing Data through a transmitter which makes the commander experience sensations of pain and pleasure while it overrids his ethics programing. He gets Data to perform experiments on Geordi's brain by inserting artificial implants meant to replace his natural neurotransmitters. Picard and Troi, being held prisoner, create a low frequency pulse that disrupts Data's programming by Lore, causing him to rejoin with the rest of the Enterprise crew. They get rescued by Worf and Riker with the help of Hugh. Lore is deactivated by Data after getting a phaser blast that renders him immobilized.

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