Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Best of Star Trek TNG---Disaster

"Disaster" was the 5th episode of the 5th season and written by Donald D. Moore. The story begins with a routine day---Dr. Crusher is helping Geordi in the cargo bay while trying to talk him into a singing part in a play; in Ten Forward, Keiko O'Brien is talking about her baby kicking in her womb; and Captain Picard has the task of taking 3 children on a tour of the ship, which is their reward for winning prizes on science projects.

As Picard and the children are in the turbolift and sharing an awkward moment of silence, the ship is tossed about and the turbolift drops suddenly and the captain suffers a broken ankle. Now he has that in addition to three scared and crying children. He enlists the aid of the children by giving them rank and getting them focused on getting out of a potentially deadly situation.

On the bridge, Troi is the senior officer and shows to be a bit out of her element here by not knowing exactly how to handle the situation. A helmsperson is killed after announcing the damage to the ship is caused by a quantum filament. They brace for impact. The ship is heavily damaged and doors, bulk heads, computers, engines, and turbolifts become inoperable. O'Brien and Ro discover the antimatter containment is failing and work to restore as much power as they can and alert engineering of the danger.

In the cargo bay, the turbulence caused the plasma core to overload and is creating deadly radiation to leak. Dr. Crusher and Geordi must figure out what to do to survive after attempts to open the doors fail and they are trapped.

In Ten Forward, Keiko begins going into labor and Worf assists in her delivery.

Commander Riker and Data climb through a jeffries tube to reach engineering in order to get the computers and the ship back online. On one of the control panels, Riker discovers the message O'Brien and Ro sent to engineering about the containment field going into failure and Data uses his positronic brain, with the help of Riker's hookups to the computer, to contain the breach and avoid an explosion.

This episode was exciting, entertaining, and just plain good television. It was a good exercise in how people interact, help one another, and get things done during a crisis.

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