Friday, July 26, 2013

Which ST TNG Cast Member Portrayed the Most Different Alien Races in the Series?

                                         Captain Picard as Locutus of Borg In "Best of Both Worlds"
                                    Lt. Commander Data and Captain Picard as Romulans in "Unification"
                                             Data as the Nanites in "Evolution"

                                                                  Data as Masaka in "Masks"
                       Counselor Deanna Troi as Romulan Rakal of the Tal Shiar in "Face of the Enemy"
                Commander Riker and Counselor Troi as Mintakens in "Who Watches the Watchers"
                                                      Riker as a Malcorian in "First Contact"
                                                  Riker as a Bojorn in "Preemptive Strike"
                                           Dr. Crusher and Riker as Barkonians in "Thine Own Self"
                                            Lt. Commander Worf as a Boraalan in "Homeward"

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