Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Worst of Star Trek TNG---Genesis

"Genesis" is from the last season.

It starts out in sick bay. Spot is going to have kittens. Yes, the Spot that was referred to as a "he" until the last couple of episodes. Who fathered her kittens, the male Spot? How does Spot manage to get out of Data's quarters to get pregnant?

Captain Picard takes Data on a shuttlecraft to retrieve a torpedo. They can't take the Enterprise through the asteroid belt, so why not take a shuttlecraft which will be much more safer?

Lt. Barclay is treated for some type of flu but his body wasn't able to fight it off properly because of a dormant T-cell, so Dr. Crusher injects him with one.

With Data and Picard off the ship, the crew exhibits signs of animal-like behavior. Troi slowly turns into a reptilian creature and turns her quarters into a tropical zone. Worf turns into some kind of lizard monster, and Barclay moves and talks like he's on speed before turning into an arachnid.

When Picard and Data show up after several days, they find the crew in hiding. The one's they do find have changed into primates, lizards (including Spot), spiders, etc. Data sees Spot the lizard has had her kittens, and they are kittens.

They are also unusually big for newborn kittens. This isn't related to the plot, it's just stupid.

Data surmises that amniotic fluid suppresses the transformation. He and Picard head off to find Nurse Ogawa, who announced earlier that she was pregnant. They want to use her amniotic fluid to make a mist to put through the air filters to bring the crew back to their natural state.

Meanwhile, Picard is slowly transforming and is panicky and jumpy. To complicate matters, Worf is trying to break down the doors and get at what he perceives as his mate--the lizard Troi. Picard leads him on a chase through the jeffries tube and shocks him, rendering him unconscious.

Then Data sprays the retro-virus into the system and next scene everyone is back to normal, even Dr. Crusher who was sprayed in the face by monster Worf's venom.

This episode's one saving grace was the cool makeup artistry. I was especially impressed with Riker's and Ogawa's makeup, just like something out of Planet of the Apes. Other than this, the show was dumb. Picard left the ship to retrieve a torpedo! Spot somehow manages to get out of ship doors and get pregnant, doors that can only be opened by human commands. Don't they practice spaying and neutering their pets in the 24th century? And why did some humans become primates while others became spiders? This episode was dumb all the way around---except for the makeup.

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