Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Best of Star Trek TNG---Cause and Effect

Written by Brannon Braga, this episode is one of my favorites. It’s “Cause and Effect.” The Enterprise is caught in a time loop caused by the area of space they are in.

I remember the first time I saw it, I was puzzled and intrigued by the ship’s destruction at the beginning. Back from commercial, the captain is once again making a log entry talking about the expanse in space. We see the crew go about their business and leisure.

Dr. Crusher first makes the audience aware that something is amiss when she experience deja vu, or something like it. She plays a game of poker, treats Geordi for dizziness and hears voices chattering in her quarters at night.

After a staff meeting with senior officers, we are brought to the bridge where there’s a time distortion and another ship appears from the distortion. Riker suggests opening the shuttle bay hatch to move out of its way when their systems lock. Data suggest using a tractor beam to push the ship out of their way. Picards agrees.

Wrong decision, Data!

Once again, the crew, after massive reports of deja vu-like memories, decide to send themselves a message to avoid the catastrophe of repeating the loop again and avoiding the Enterprise destruction. Data inserts a message in his positronic memory to use Riker’s suggesting of avoiding the collision.

Each loop was a bit different as the crew, bit by bit, realizes they are caught in a time distortion and works to get out of it. This makes the episode fun without being monotonous.

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