Saturday, June 22, 2013

Worst of Star Trek TNG---Masks

“Masks” is from the seventh season. The Enterprise scans a comet which contains within its core an ancient library with knowledge of a technologically advanced civilization.

Through the scan, the device floating in space that contains the library probes the ship and merges with its technology, transforming the ships matter into artifacts and possessing Data with multiple personalities of the civilization's god-like beings.

Picard figures that the best way to get the ship back from the alien’s influence is to learn more about the relationship between the beings primary symbols; one is named Masaka (the queen) and the other Korgano (male).

He enlists the help of Data to access the personalities that have invaded him. We learn that Masaka needs her temple built and there she will await Korgano.

Picard has the remaining bridge crew access more information about Korgano and the program is downloaded. It is a mask similar to the one Data made in sculpting class when the ship first encountered the alien. Using his knowledge of ancient rituals and symbols, Picard, now wearing the mask of Korgano, approaches Masaka (Data) in the newly created temple. They exchange words about Masaka going to sleep for rest while Korgano takes over, then in turn the chase (sun and moon rising and setting) can begin again. With this, the Enterprise is restored to its natural state, as is Data.

I found this episode boring and ridiculous, not on the same par as episodes like “The First Duty” and “The Measure of a Man.” This was a script left best for fantasy and mythology rather than science-fiction.

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