Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Worst of Star Trek TNG---Tapestry

The premise of “Tapestry” is to teach Picard that if he chose to play it safe through his life, he would not be the man he is today.

Q is brought back again for this lesson. A lesson I find redundant and not necessary, for Jean-Luc Picard is already a starship captain who had a tendency to be reckless and rowdy in his youth and yet became the man he is.

We learn for the first time that Picard has an artificial heart and it’s failing him after an energy blast by a hostile alien. (edit: actually the first episode to mention it was "Samaritan Snare) Then he wakes up in bed in his cadet days with Q laying beside him, announcing to Picard that he is dead and gives him a chance to relive his life and avoid the incident, a confrontation with an alien race called the Nausicans. A spear is driven through his heart, thus having his life saved via an artificial heart.

Picard chooses to relive those days and avoids the confrontation while alienating his friends at the Academy. He wakes up in sick bay and sees he’s no more than a low man on the totem poll junior lieutenant.

Picard realizes that he’d rather be dead than have this life. Q restores his current life with artificial heart in tact.

Why was this show about an already accomplished man like Picard? Such a waste of time and so unnecessary.

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