Saturday, June 29, 2013

Worst of Star Trek TNG---Justice

In "Justice" the away team that consists of Riker, Troi, Worf, Yar, and Wesley (to see if it would be a good place for children to go on vacation), encounter half clothed humans called Edos who, according to Geordi, "make love at the drop of a hat." "Any hat," Yar contends.

As the away team are on the planet, an object appears in space (NOTE: this object also resembles the space station in "Conundrum") and releases a transparent bubble-like projectile which enters the ship and knocks out Data, scanning his memory banks.

Meanwhile, Wesley found some young teens to play ball with and ends up falling backwards into a greenhouse. Simultaneously, Yar, in talking to the Edos, is told that they have no police enforcement because they depend on mediators to determine if someone dies. Every infraction, no matter how slight, is punishable by death.

So, the two things that make this race of beings so creepy is their free love mixed with the death penalty--for falling into a bed of flowers!

Now Picard is struggling with what this entity in the sky knows, particularly about the prime directive, and not allowing the Edos to execute Wesley. He beams down to the planet to negotiate Wesley's release but needs to know for sure it's safe with that overprotective entity in the sky watching over them.

After some drama involving Dr. Crusher and Picard, the thing blocks the away team's signal to the Enterprise but then allows them, with Wesley, to beam back to the ship when Picard explains to it that no law can be absolute and that justice is an exercise in exceptions.

This episode was just annoying and badly scripted. It was like watching a PG-13 version of a 1950's Playhouse outerspace adventure.

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