Sunday, June 23, 2013

Worst of Star Trek TNG---The Icarus Factor

"The Icarus Factor" is the soap opera in space episode. Commander Riker's father comes aboard the Enterprise to see his son off to command The Aries. Both men are carrying a lot of baggage from days gone by. Dr. Pulaski, an old flame of Kyle Riker's, reminds Will to jettison the baggage before taking his new command post. Troi confronts Kyle about he and his son's past competing with each other and it's time to let it go.

They have it out in a type of jitsu match with implements that resemble broom sticks with Star Wars like sound effects. Old feelings come out during the match including Riker's contentions that it should have been his father who died instead of his mother. The father admits his failings as a father but also tells Will he loves him. They reconcile. Nice ending to a sappy story line.

The highlight of the episode is Worf's ascension ceremony in the holodeck. He walks through a gauntlet of Klingons stabbing him with pain sticks while railing in Klingon dialect.

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